My Studio

This picture was taken in April 2015 when I finished the basic furnishing. After a long search I finally found my tiny space in an old Art Nouveau House. I needed a few months for getting familiar with it and furnish everything exactly to my vision to create a space full of harmony for my work. In the meanwhile the creative chaos replaced the initial order but I'm still incredibly happy when I come into this room to brainstorm, experiment, paint, file, saw, hammer, thread, cut, punch, stamp and wrap.

To have an own room for your work is be worth a mint! Because you can work on more projects at the same time, because you can stop in the middle of the working process and close the door behind you, because you can better separate work and privat life and in my case: because you have your living room back for living. My little studio also allowed me to extend my work step by step. Working tools, supplies, finished and unfinished pieces, different kind of prototpyes and ideas pile up now on my work bench, shelves and on my small working desk - it's a really great feeling!


You'll find more studio scenes on Instagram under my hashtag #inBelleStudio

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