Belle Accessoires and s'Fachl

In July 2016 opened s'Fachl in my home city Salzburg. Maker can rent there a little space for offering their products. Since the opening I'm busy with stocking up friendship bracelets in many different colors and shapes, using different geometric brass shapes, tiny glass and wooden beads. I'm happy to see, that the visitors of the store like my simple jewelry pieces and buy them as small presents for their friends or themselves. The Fachl keeps be busy with creating new designs - now you'll find there a lot of bracelets in pastel tones.

Meanwhile I got spaces in more Fachl-destinations: Salzburg, Linz, Graz and Innsbruck. If you'll visit one of these cities in the next time, I recommend you to visit s'Fachl. For visitors it's interesting to discover arts and crafts made in Austria but also culinary specialities like salt, spicery, liqueur, and chocolate. For the local makers its a great opportunity to test out if they find buyer for their products. Temporarily the stores are only located in Austria - but perhaps this will change soon. 

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